Zondag 8 Januari weer een nieuwe ScienceBattle in Stadsschouwburg Utrecht


Wil jij 2017 starten met inhoud en een lach? Wil je nog meer weten over meetschaatsen? Kom dan a.s. zondag  8 Januari naar de Science Battle in de Stadsschouwburg in Utrecht. Hier doet onderzoekster van SkateScience.nl Eline haar verhaal over real-time feedback in het schaatsen en neemt ze het op tegen drie andere onderzoekers die je […]

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Welcoming short-track to the project!


After the introduction of  wireless instrumented klapskates in long-track speed skating, we started on the development of a fixed instrumented short-track skate. This development is a close collaboration between the TU Delft, de Haagse Hogeschool and the Dutch National Short-track team. Several student groups worked on the design of the pillars. The manufacturing of the pillars […]

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New publication: wireless instrumented klapskates for long-track speed skating

exploded view instrumented skate

In the current project, we aim to provide speed skaters with real-time feedback on how to improve their skating performance within an individual stroke. The elite skaters and their coaches wish for a system that determines the mechanical power per stroke. The push-off force of the skater is a crucial variable in this power determination. In this study, we present the […]

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